Rick Mitchells - Rockin' Steady
Rick Mitchells – Rockin’ Steady
Label: Mainstage Music | Released Date: Oct 7th, 2013

Rick Buijtenhek, aka Rick Mitchells, the man who recently brought you the Progressive wonder “Jinxed”, comes back to the limelight with a hard-hitting piece of distinctive Progressive House called “Rockin’ Steady” set for release on the Mainstage Music label on October 7th. It’s already been sampled in Hardwell’s On Air 135 and W&W’s Mainstage 174.

As for the man behind the track, Rick Mitchells started off his career with a W&W-personally-requested remix but nowadays shows his versatility as a producer through creating chart-topping Trance, Progressive House, and Electro House tracks. You never know what he’ll come up with next or what genre it’ll be, but in this case, it’s “Rockin’ Steady” and it’s not what you would call ‘steady’ at all. It’s got the ability to be easily sampled in a radio mix or a live big-room set and possesses Rick Mitchells’ very distinct production style. Here’s to hearing more of Rick Mitchells in the future in whatever genre he decides to produce next.