Noisia & BSE – Hideous (Haywyre Remix)

DJ/producer Haywyre just released a rather unusual remix to his SoundCloud page today; unusual in the sense that the remix is such a huge departure from the original version. This may be because said original was such a success and the challenge was to revamp it.

“I tried to focus on providing a new perspective on the same ideas by restating a lot of the melodic motives in the context of a mid-tempo track with more harmonic substance than the original.”

With the stems of the original track having been released to Beatport, the new take on ‘Hideous’ from Haywyre is an interesting one. We can also expect a possible return of Haywyre’s series of track releases called A Song Per Week so take a listen to the remix below and sound off on what you think of this version of Noisia & BSE’s ‘Hideous.’