Listen to Markus Schulz’s 8 Hour Colossal Marathon Set From Stereo Montreal

If you know Markus Schulz, then you know that the German DJ loves to spin and spin for hours. The man is no rookie when it comes to playing marathon sets that can last anywhere from 6-8 hours and even 12 hours on special occasions. He showcased his abilities to playing these “rabbithole” sets when he played for 12.5 hours at Club Space during Miami Music Week as well as spinning for 12 hours at Tomorrowland this year. This time the Unicorn Slayer has decided to share his enormous 8 hour set from Stereo Nightclub in Montreal as a token of appreciation to his fans for their “support and appreciation throughout the year” (Schulz). The monster set is uploaded in all of its entirety for his fans to hear with no cuts or edits. It’s safe to say that any Markus Schulz fan will thoroughly enjoy all 463 minutes of this musical adventure. Although he shared this set to show his gratitude for the fans, we should also take a moment to thank Mr. Schulz for sharing this set with us and also for letting us come along with him on his journey. Take a listen to the glorious rabbithole set below:

Part 1:

Part 2: