Mainstream Radio Remixed – Episode 6: The Wanted

This episode is personal. Let me reiterate  that I rarely ever listen to the radio, whatsoever. Generally, the only times I catch radio-friendly tracks are when my sister is blaring KISSFM in the morning, or if I am captive as a passenger in a car and the driver happens to only listen to the radio…or while shopping in stores. However, every so often, a track will play that gives me pause and subsequently causes me to wonder aloud “who is this?!” Often, the result of this question (with a proportionally-high percentage) is The Wanted.

The Wanted are an English-Irish boy band that formed in 2009, consisting of members Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness, and Siva Kaneswaran. Genre-wise, the group is mainly dance-tinged pop, and at times they are even classified as “eurodance” (even though, let be serious…when I think “eurodance” I think of LasgoIan van Dahl, maybe some DJ Encore…but not The Wanted…). Their debut album The Wanted was released in October 2010 and the it spawned 3 UK Top 20 singles including “All Time Low”, “Heart Vacancy” and “Lose My Mind”. A year later, in November 2011, saw the launch of their sophomore album Battleground containing successful singles such as “Gold Forever”, “Glad You Came”, “Lightning” and “Warzone”.

2012 was the breakout year stateside for the boys of The Wanted. Their prior single “Glad You Came” went triple Platinum in the US while making wakes in both Canada and in the US. Additionally, their most recent singles “Chasing The Sun” and “I Found You” (found on their forthcoming album Word Of Mouth), both reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart. The synergy of The Wanted’s pseudo-angst inspired vocal cries paired with a legitimately remixed electronic musical backdrop acting as their voices’ backbone spawns some banging tracks…that’s for sure. Which is why I’ve chosen them for Episode 6 of Mainstream Radio Remixed.

We Own The Night

The Chainsmokers:


Glad You Came

Alex Gaudino:

Electro Banger & Noct:

Chasing The Sun


Mario Larrea:

Heart Vacancy

Tonka’s Daddycated:

Lose My Mind


I Found You

Miami Rockz:



All Time Low

Digital Dog:

Alright guys…shoot me your suggestions for some more mainstream radio acts that make for some quality remixes in your opinions, please?!