Kate & Safari Duo feat. Bjornskov – Dimitto (Let Go) (Blasterjaxx Remix)

Blasterjaxx, known for their room filling aggressive style, have really out done themselves on this remix of “Dimitto” (Let Go). This remix perfectly meshes the original vocal and melodic feel with a drop that just screams Blasterjaxx.  Not to mention, the percussion work is executed perfectly.  By using an escalating snare build up accompanied by more tribal and prominent drums, a truly refreshing sound is created.  Blasterjaxx have taken this track and made it completely their own.  Ironically the lyrics state, “”When every day just feels the same, and nothing has changed.  It’s time to make my get away.”  In a time where many mainstream EDM hits are beginning to sound more similar by the day, this remix is exactly the kind of change in production that this genre needs.  All in all, this is a song that your memory banks will not let go for a while.