Kamil Pankowski & Jetique feat. Brenton Mattheus – Keys

Out now on Deal Records is a fantastic progressive house tune produced by Kamil Pankowski and Jetique, complemented by the flawless vocals of Brenton Mattheus. Right from the beginning, the intro is filled with energy, amping you up for the melody to kick in. Brenton’s angelic vocals quickly come into play and create a sense of space, given the heavy reverb. The build, although brief, has you anxiously waiting for the big uplifting drop. When that magical moment occurs, you can definitely tell a ton of production time went into this record. The track consists of many layers in order to give the track that satisfying and full sound. The catchy drop boasts its big room high synths, but also maintains a solid bass line to keep the sound balanced. When the drums come in during the second half of the song, you can’t help but tapping to the beat. A simple element such as that does an effective job at continuing to hook the listener. Job well done by these artists.

Kamil Pankowski & Jetique feat. Brenton Mattheus – Keys | Beatport