Feed Me Reveals ‘Last Requests’ Off ‘Calamari Tuesday’ Album

Feed Me - Last Requests
Calamari Tuesday is approaching soon, and Feed Me keeps revealing tracks off of the album. This time, he brings us Last Request. The tune is injected with heavenly vibes by the one and only Jenna G, giving the track a flow of utmost tranquility. Although this track is quite different from his usual big room electro and dubstep bangers, Last Requests still shines, acting as a testament to Feed Me’s mastery of music as a whole – no genre limitations here. Be sure to check out the preview below and pre-order your copy of his album today on iTunes!

Words from Jon Gooch aka Feed Me himself: 
“If this album is the story of my life with Feed Me over the last couple of years, then this track represents the emotional strain the lifestyle has put on those around me and myself, and also represents its open ended conclusion.”