Believe it or not (see what I did there?) the latest music coming from Justin Bieber includes a track called ‘All That Matters’ produced by none other than the Mad Decent frontman Diplo. ‘All That Matters’, which you can listen to below, is a slower track that is a departure from anything we’re used to hearing from the producer. The guitar driven melody and Bieber’s pop vocals make for an unusual combination when you realize it was manufactured by Diplo. Though this is hardly his first foray into the pop world, having worked with artists such as M.I.A., Chris Brown, and Usher, the production on ‘All That Matters’ for Bieber is definitely a first for Diplo. Whether you like Bieber or not, you can’t argue the skill of the producer when they showcase the variety of their musical talent through such a plethora of genres as Diplo dabbles in. And if you can’t handle listening to the track below, but love Diplo, check out his Revolution EP instead.

UPDATE: Diplo confirmed that the collaboration has yet to be released. We’ll keep you updated with more information.