Deadmau5 Releases New Version of ‘Creep’ After 5 Years in the Making

From a producing standpoint, songs are rarely ever “complete”. Instead, producers surrender to the infinite puzzle that is mixing,arranging, and designing a track. This makes it no surprise to see producers return to tracks they worked on months, and even years, previous. You can see examples of this such as Dillon Francis’ rebirth tracks. Another more recent example is Deadmau5’s rework of his track ‘Creep.’

Originally released back in 2012, ‘Creep’ sees a rework in its newest released titled ‘Creep v2.’ It seems like this track, and its reworks, have been a long time coming as Joel states “weird how it’s taken me over five years to write this track. Nearly done. To do; more intricate arrangement, mix, bells and whistles, and master.” Seems like he has been forming a long to-do list for reworking his track. Now that the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, ‘Creep v2’ is out on his SoundCloud page.

The second version of the track is a bit more complex, as his checklist demanded. While the core elements remain the same, there are some added parts that change essential dynamics within the track. What I thought was most interesting was the added bassline that comes in and out throughout the track, almost reminiscent of an ambient Nero tune. All in all the second version is much preferable to the original, what do you think?