Throwback Thursday: Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab – On a Good Day

It’s Thursday, it’s almost the weekend, and it’s a good day. So what better way to celebrate than by enjoying one of the most beloved tunes to grace the airwaves, Oceanlab’s “On a Good Day”.  In a time when the EDM community is perhaps a little bit lost, the music of Tony, Paavo, Jono and Justine is there to shine light onto the path. The music video, which you can view below, is a perfect example of the type of compassion and solidarity that we are all capable of.  The video is a compilation of submissions from a contest Above & Beyond ran a few years ago. The purpose of it was to give fans a chance to create a music video for the tune.  However, the trio were so overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions, that they simply could not pick just one. Instead, they compiled the best ones into one amazing and powerful montage. It is a perfect reflection of us: a plethora of diverse individuals that all come together over the music we love. Have a happy Thursday everyone, and look out for each other.