Sirensceol Releases First EP, The Ocean

sirensceol_the_oceanPurchase on Beatport

SirensCeol’s breakthrough EP, titled The Ocean, was released earlier this week.  Primarily making a name for himself via free downloads from his Soundcoud page, SirensCeol’s incredible talent is presented very well throughout this EP. This four track EP, released through Play Me Records, has a little bit of everything on it, genre wise. The bass driven and glitchy melodies of “When the World Falls” and “Riptide” are electro at its finest. While most of the EP is melodic and groovy, SirensCeol shows some range with the dubstep track, “The Ocean.” Branching between two entirely different genres can be difficult, yet SirensCeol pulls it off in fine fashion.  And the fact that he is only twenty years old means he has a lot of potential, and now, a good base to build off of. All this, and he is not even out of college yet! We look forward to seeing what follows in the wake of this release. You can listen to the EP below, and make sure to purchase it on Beatport if you enjoy it.