Ministry of Sound Sues Spotify Over Copyright Infringement

The Ministry of Sound, a london based dance music brand, is taking the Swedish music streaming company Spotify to court for alleged copyright infringement. The lawsuit claims that a playlist on Spotify resemble ones from the Ministry of Sounds compilation albums too closely and is demanding that the playlist be removed. Along with the removal of the playlist, Ministry of Sound is seeking cost for damages. The Ministry’s albums are not available on Spotify but exact replicates of the playlist can be found through the program. According to Lohan Presencer, the chief executive of the Ministry of Sound, “What we do is a lot more than putting playlists together: a lot of research goes into creating our compilation albums, and the intellectual property involved in that. It’s not appropriate for someone to just cut and paste them.” This court room battle between such high profile companies is sure to be interesting and the outcome will have a definite impact on the music world.

via – The Guardian