Haywyre – Back and Forth
Genre: Glitch-Hop | Label: Monstercat | Released: 9/7/2013
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Martin Vogt is quite the interesting musician. Going by the name Haywyre, his music is the product of a heavy jazz and hip hop influence brought into the modern electronic age. He also play several instruments in his productions resulting in several melodic solos throughout most of his songs. This new track titled ‘Back and Forth’ was just released on Monstercat this morning and was quite an awesome way to start the day. The mellow soul/jazz fusion starts the track off super groovy. Then your sent from an inner city to the past straight into the future with a funky electro jam. The kickin low tempo beats, the glitchy sounds, and the amazing solo’s make this a truly awesome song. This is glitch-hop at its finest.