Gesaffelstein Releases Teaser Video for Upcoming Album

French techno king Gesaffelstein sure has been busy lately. Besides traveling all over the world for various tours and festival appearances, he also recently mixed the official I Love Techno 2013 compilation for the upcoming Belgium festival, and to top it all off, a new album is on the way. It’s been a while since listeners have heard a full release from the producer, so this new album has a lot of generated quite the hype. Today, he leaked the album artwork for “Aleph”, his full length debut, as well as an enticing teaser video. Fans will recognize this classic Gesaffelstein build-up tactic: drawing viewers in hypnotically, and then cutting it off right at the start of the song. Guess we’ll have to wait around for a full-release on October 28th, but until then, let’s hope for some longer track previews, and enjoy the I Love Techno mix.