Feed Me Previews ‘Ebb and Flow’ Off ‘Calamari Tuesday’

Typical Calamari Tuesday

After being very public throughout the EDM world in terms of his touring hiatus, Feed Me is beginning to show that his studio time is proving well worth the wait. One of the first tracks to be released off of his upcoming album, Calamari Tuesday, scheduled for release Oct. 14 off Sotto Voce, is a classic Feed Me dub track titled “Ebb and Flow”.

The tune features Tasha Baxter, the same vocals who did the top lines for an earlier Feed Me track Cloudburn. The tight and grizzled bass lines are answered by dissonant chord shots that have become a beloved go-to in Feed Me’s style. These peak drops are complimented by Baxter’s dream-like voice, which create emotional troughs which are shattered when the bass kicks in once more.
Listen to the track below, and look for Calamari Tuesday come middle October. For full track listings, and to preorder the album, check it out on iTunes here