Feed Me Releases ‘Rat Trap’ Off Of Forthcoming Album ‘Calamari Tuesday’

Calamari Tuesday - Feed Me

I was having a terrible Monday, then word of a new Feed Me album brightened up my week. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen at Webster Hall, Feed Me’s stupendous production value and deep bass has had me mesmerized since day one. Calamari Tuesday, slated for release on October 14th, is currently being hyped by Feed Me, as he has released a preview of one of the tracks from the album. “Rat Trap” is something I didn’t know I was hoping Feed Me would do (that makes no sense I know, but stay with me). At first, the track seems like almost very excellent trap, until it breaks into Feed Me’s signature electro sound. There’s a lot to take in here, and Feed Me does a fantastic job infusing all the stylistically different elements together. It pushes at what trap is all about and it’s a track, in retrospect , I’d hoped someone would release.

Feed Me – Rat Trap | iTunes