DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon – Turn Down For What
Genre: Trap | Label: Mad Decent | Released Date: N/A

This Trap track “Turn Down For What” features the distinctive vocals of Lil Jon yelling the song’s namesake, a filthy, addicting beat, and an overall vibe that just screams “LET’S GET RATCHET.” The creator, Paris-born DJ and producer DJ Snake, knows his way around a Trap track, is under the renown Mad Decent wing, and is fresh off his hit “Bird Machine” which made its way into a widely aired Target commercial. Trap stars like DJ Snake are the reason Trap’s popularity has exploded and are why we love those festival and concert moments where a ridiculous Trap track drops and everyone’s inner ratchetness comes alive. This is definitely the kind of song you play at a party when you want to get the twerking started (the soundcloud track’s even tagged as “Twerk”). And then when your neighbors knock on the door to tell you to turn the music down, you just gotta yell “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT.”