Daddy’s Groove feat. Mindshake – Surrender

Daddy's Groove
Daddy’s Groove, aka Black Raw, is a trio out of Italy composed of Gianni Romano, Carlo Grieco, and Peppe Folliero. Daddy’s Groove’s hit, “Stellar”, took over with it’s infectious sound. Now it’s time for their next hit to take over the electronic dance world. “Surrender” is a huge track featuring vocals from Mindshake. “Surrender” has an uplifting feel to it, and opens with pulsating percussion which leads into a guitar and synth filled melody. The vocals fit this immense track and fill it out perfectly. This track has arena and festival written all over it. The first drop sets the tone for the rest of the song. The drop includes an addicting bassline, an array of catchy synths, and percussion that is bound to get everyone on their feet on the dance floor. Give the track a listen below and get ready to hear it everywhere.

Daddy’s Groove feat. Mindshake – Surrender | Beatport