Parents Can Now Sign Their Babies Up For DJ School

Baby DJ Ad

We’re not really sure how to describe our feelings on this besides a bad combination of confusion and intrique. You read the headline correctly, DJ classes geared specifically towards babies $200.00 gets you and your baby DJing/mixing skills, apparently with real equipment as well. According to the creator, Natalie Weiss,  knobs and dials are easier for a baby to play with instead of regular instruments. And she kind of has a point. Quite obviously, knobs and dials and turntables are much more akin to baby toys, in terms of look and feel, than a baby grand piano. While the complexity is just as high, we understand where the notion of having a baby just randomly screw around with faders is coming from. Here is a snippet from Ms. Weiss’ press release:

Through singing, movement and interactive  technology, little ones will be introduced to playing and handling records, mixing and matching beats and creating fun and funky samples using modern DJ equipment.Baby DJ School will encourage babies to love dance music and appreciate the way it’s made in a family-friendly, positive environment! Baby DJ School is presented by Cool Pony Crown Heights, Brooklyn’s premiere music venue, vinyl haven and vintage clothing store.

It’s hard to say what this idea…is. It’s kind of weird, but at the same time, who really cares what you’re teaching two year olds? At the end of the day, if the parents are going out and having a fun, interactive time with their kids, who are we to laugh?

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the class here: Baby DJ School Press Release