Afrojack Premieres Next Radio Hit ‘The Spark’ of Upcoming Debut Album

Pete Tong Radio 1 recently hosted the world premiere of “The Spark”, a track off of Afrojack’s upcoming debut album. The song is definitely constructed more as a radio hit than an anthem you would hear at an EDM festival. Afrojack surprises his fans with a catchy pop melody, very unlike his previous electro house records such as “Jack That Body” and “Air Guitar”. In fact, this record is probably the opposite. “The Spark” definitely has some Avicii influence and sounds somewhat similar to Armin’s “This Is What It Feels Like”. This makes us all pose the question…what does this mean for EDM? Some people classify EDM as glamourized pop. With that said, there will probably be a good amount of haters who will find this track repulsive. Regardless of its commercial and mainstream classification, the track is great.  One may say that a responsibility as an artist is to give the fans they want. On the other hand, an artist should not fear exploring new genres. “The Spark” will available worldwide on October 11th.