Top 10 Commercials Featuring EDM

Electronic dance music is everywhere right now. Mass media is trying its hardest to capitalize on the world’s fastest growing musical genre, and that means our favorite little music scene is about to be used to sell you shit. We all knew that this day would eventually come, and now that it has, we might as well make some lists about it. Who doesn’t love a good list? No one. So, without further ado, here is EDMTune’s Top 10 television commercials that use EDM. 

10. Mitsubishi Eclipse – Days Go By by Dirty Vegas

Now can you guys really believe it has been 10 years since this commercial came out? We remember watching this in between episodes of Simpsons and Family Guy on Sunday nights. We really have no idea what the girl in the front seat is doing, but she is definitely feeling the Dirty Vegas. Good thing Mitsubishi Eclipses are so roomy right?


9. Absolut Vodka – Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia

We can’t tell what this commercial is pushing harder, Absolut, Swedish House Mafia, or robotic dogs. No matter. If only Swedish House had those “Tron” like hologram decks when they were doing their One Last Tour. Please guys, we have already been waiting 5 months for a reunion tour, make the misery stop!


8. HP Ultrabook – Promises by Nero

Ah, “Promises”. One of the first tunes to really carry the “EDM” flag when it first came out. Also one of those tracks that was played into its grave, no thanks to HP.


7. AT&T- Money Shot by Yannis Kamarino

Electronic music used to be thought of as the underground European culture of the 1980s. Now that electronic music is listened to by the masses, it is funny to look back on what the perception of it used to be. And plus, who wouldn’t want to party with Slas and Viter?


6. Doritos – Express Yourself by Diplo ft. Nicky Da B

Who doesn’t wish getting out of a ticket was as easy as offering a cop a Dorito? Doritos loves to market itself as extreme and edgy, and what better track to represent that than with “Express Yourself”? Be a badass. Eat Doritos. Perfectly logical.


5. Blackberry – Make You Pop by Diplo and Don Diablo

Back to back Diplo? Hell yeah, even though this video doesn’t have that much actual music in it.  We included it primarily because a ton of people are going to look at this video and be like, “Wait, that was Diplo?!” Hell yeah it was. That was back when he was still known in the US primarily as a producer and less as a stand alone DJ.  Not enough twerking though, honestly.

4. Victoria’s Secret – Midnight City by M83

Victoria’s Secret angels and EDM? Enough said.


3. Mortal Combat – Reptile by Skrillex

How could Mortal Combat get any better? Playing it with some Skrillex blaring in the background of course. No better way to get the blood of a fourteen year old running hot than in-your-face dubstep and fighting! He’s going to force his mother to take him to Gamestop the second this commercial is over.


2. Wheetabix Chocolate Cereal – A New World by Mord Fustang

Now if you are not laughing your ass off right now, there is something seriously wrong with you. Leave it to the UK to do make something as creative as this commercial. Watching these bears dance around is awesome and the pillow explosion is timed perfectly with the song. It was hard for me to not name this my top commercial. But since I didn’t, the winner is…


1. Kia Soul – Multiple Videos

Yea yea, putting multiple videos as #1 is a dick move, but who could resist these cute little hamsters and the almighty Jabbawockeez. Bottom line is, KIA has been using EDM in its Soul commercials for years, and they’ve employed everything from the laughable LMFAO to the heralded Axwell hit, “In My Mind”.  They mean business, and that’s exactly what KIA is doing by embracing EDM more so than any other company. That doesn’t stop the KIA Soul from being one of the ugliest hunks of metal on the road, however. Maybe they should spend less money on song licensing and more on designers? Just kidding. But seriously.