Ronski Speed’s Sophomore Album “Second World”

Ronski Speed – Second World 
Genre: Trance | Label: Euphonic Records | Released Date: August 23, 2013
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Ronski Speed has finally released his highly anticipated sophomore album Second World on Euphonic Records. The album is a massive collection of 19 vocal trance tracks (yummmm) which contains brand new originals and re-worked classics. Second World entails a visual story of a traveling producer and DJ whose typical day is far from the norm: waking up to new faces in a new city everyday, Ronski Speed has compiled an album that takes us on a journey through the life of a trance superstar.

Fortunately for us, Ronski was kind enough to give his beloved fans a 35 minute album teaser which previews each and every one of the 19 mesmerizing tracks. Take a listen below and buy your copy today!

01 Rise Again | ft. Lucy Saunders
02 Lasting Light (2013 Mix) | ft. Emma Hewitt
03 Pink Skye & Syntrobic | ft. Renee Stahl
04 Afterglow (Will Holland Edit) | with Ana Criado
05 Not Easy | with Tony Awake ft. Gracie Ho
06 Substitute For Love | ft. Aneym
07 Something Real | with LTN ft. Renee Stahl
08 One With You | with Syntrobic ft. Elizabeth Egan
09 Sanity Dub
10 Don’t Lose Your Way | ft. K.I.R.A.
11 Glueck | with Cressida
12 Run To The Sunlight | ft. Stine Grove
13 Sanity | ft. Melissa Loretta
14 Proton 12 (Ronski Speed & Cressida Mix)
15 A Sign | with Ana Criado
16 Ambrosia | with Mirco De Govia
17 Did You Disappear | with Purple Stories ft. Sue McLaren
18 Fiero
19 Euphonia (Ronski Speed Mix) | with Kyau & Albert

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