Preview: Luke Bond Feat. Roxanne Emery – On Fire

Alright, so if any of you are Gareth Emery fans and have been listening to his live sets and/or PODcasts this summer, you have most likely heard this massive progressive track featuring these angelic vocals. You then found yourself wondering “oh goshhhh…what was THAT?!” (I know that’s what went through my head when this was dropped at his Governor’s Island show last month). In his recent PODcast, Gaz replayed his Global Gathering set, which also included the track. The infectious tune has been identified via Gareth’s 250th PODcast celebration and is entitled “On Fire” featuring Garuda labelmate Luke Bond, and Roxanne Emery providing the vocals (Gaz’s sister!).

On Fire” begins with a light build up of airy feels guided by Roxanne’s atmospheric vocals. It continues to build and rise higher and higher until the drop and breakdown of bounce-inducing, serotonin-releasing synths. The driving drum beats flood over your entire body and mind, mentally transporting you right into the center of Gaz’s live set! I kid you, not! Check it!