Orjan Nilsen – No Saint Out of Me
Genre: Progressive House/Trance | Label: Armada | Released Date: August 30, 2013

Norwegian DJ/Producer, Orjan Nilsen, has graced the music world with frenzy inducing tracks like Copperfield and is finally dropping his highly anticipated second artist album, No Saint Out of Me, on August 30th.  Orjan’s unique blend of hard hitting electro and roaring trance melodies has earned him the continued support of number 1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren and loyal following from fans worldwide.  The album features a star studded list of collaborations including Jonathan Mendelsohn, Christina Novelli, and Adam Young of Owl City.  Orjan gems that have been dropped in recent months such as Violetta and XIING will also be on the album. His meteoric success over the past couple of years can be attributed to his ear blasting productions and energetic sets and shows no signs of slowing down with this album release.  Just listening to the title track “No Saint Out of Me” and hearing the infectious bass drop makes that fact undeniable.  Check out the album tracklist and official album teaser below.  You can pre-order the album on Itunes or the Armadashop.

Orjan Nilsen feat. Senadee – Hands
Orjan Nilsen – Mafioso
Orjan Nilsen feat. Natalie Peris – Saint Out Of Me
Orjan Nilsen presents OVO – Untouchable
Orjan Nilsen – XIING
Orjan Nilsen feat. Christina Novelli – Hurricane
Orjan Nilsen feat. Adam Young – In The Air
Orjan Nilsen – Violetta
Orjan Nilsen – This Traktor
Orjan Nilsen & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Apart
Orjan Nilsen – Smile Honey
Orjan Nilsen – Knobtwister
Orjan Nilsen – You Will Never Be