John dahlback

There is no need for elaborate introduction for the Swedish dance music veteran who has been in the industry for more than ten years now. 2013 has been a busy year for John Dahlback – not only has he been touring to most major festivals and club venues like all other big names, studio and production time have also kept him busy as the Swede has already released five singles, including his most recent two, Cobra and Nuke, on five different record labels. No doubt John Dahlback is always a man in demand.

We Were Gods is a break from John Dahlback’s usual relatively housier sounds and represents a tune that is progressive and full of melodies. This track also features vocals from the Swedish indie/electro pop band, Urban Cone, which shows their increasing collaboration with dance music artists (Urban Cone have also worked with Porter Robinson). This track was actually dropped in John Dahlback’s set as long as one year ago in Poland and has been receiving support from Kaskade as of late in his UMF Miami and Lollapalooza sets. Nicky Romero also played this track on Protocol Radio 052 a few days ago – perhaps We Were Gods will finally be released soon on either Protocol Recordings or John Dahlback’s own record label, Mutants Records? The only way to find out is to stay tuned!