Insominac representatives have chosen Winston Farm, the location of Woodstock ’94, as a potential location for 75,000 people to attend a new Electric Daisy Carnival event for Memorial Day weekend 2014. Woodstock was a monumental music festival where more than half a million people came together, united and sharing messages of peace, openness and cultural expression, it changed the world we live in, and still lives on today. On Wednesday, the team put together a proposal to present during the Town Board meeting, seeking permission from the board to hold one of their EDC events in Saugerties. After the presentation, members of the board accepted and supported the festival proposal, but adding that they still need to get another approval and all necessary permits. If all goes well, it is anticipated to be a three-day festival, festival attendees will be adults who are least 18 years old. You’ll have the option to camp, there will be food, and beverages will on the site, four to seven stages, carnival rides, costumed performers, fireworks, many art installations and of course the up-scale production and line up that every EDC never fails at supplying us.  Simon Lamb, Insominac COO,  tells us that “Insomniac understands it would be a guest in Saugerties and wants the experience to be beneficial for fans and the community.” Insominac’s CEO Pasquale Rotella tells us, “What’s great about this, is when you do destination festivals you tend to get a much better crowd than when you’re in the middle of a city.” He said most people do not want to incur the expense of traveling to a festival like this one without having a ticket in hand. All in all, the team is excited about the beautiful location, bringing woodstock back to life, they are even more excited about making it a permanent home for Electric Daisy Carnival in upstate New York.