Deadmau5 Releases A Polished Version of “Mercedes”

Deadmau5 has been in some serious crunch time lately and is at it again with his 5th Soundcloud preview this week. We all know he has been on a tear lately releasing experimental pieces, but we’ve been loving every second of it. His latest experimental track, “Mercedes” follows his familiar ambient, progressive model, while embedding some retro electronica riffs which feel reminiscent of his earlier work compared to his previous installments made this week.

Mercedes” is a chilling progressive record that keeps on pace with the style that deadmau5 has coined throughout his career. There is no release date, but we predict that there will be two or three more revisions before this one hits wherever it’s destined to hit. Below you can hear how the production process progressed and after listening a few times you’ll really be able to appreciate the ambient texture that Joel has crafted.