Deadmau5 Releases 2 New Tracks – ‘coelacanth’ & ‘fck a coelacanth’

You guys know the drill, Deadmau5 has uploaded 2 new songs to his Soundcloud, both with odd names, hinting at a larger project in the future, blah blah blah. Well, lets take a look at them shall we?

‘coelacanth’, named after an ancient order of fish, is a minimal approach to both new and old styles. The rhythm-less exposition consists of relaxing chords almost sounding as if played by an orchestra. The drop snaps you into a hypnotic percussion line with a rising build in the background, leaving you off to start the process over again.

‘fck a coelacanth’, named after having sex with said fish, features resonating high end short tones and quirky midi bass sounds, all of which are in an unorthodox time signature, but over a driving beat. It would be odd at this point to expect anything else from the legendary Canadian composer.