Deadmau5 Previews New Tune “Nyquist” Plus Four Other Tracks


It’s unfortunate that a public and stressful break up potentially catalyzed such an immense artistic out-pour from our favorite Canadian Mau5, but fans have been the joyous recipients of new music through Deadmau5’s “Soundcloud Rampage“, as poignantly termed by one of our writers.   Now, we get another taste of what seems to be the makings of a future album from the outspoken Joel Zimmerman, and, certainly, an album to be excited about.  Possibly named after one of the most important figures in digital communications, Harry Nyquist, the roughly 3 minute track begins with gritty, dark tones to an almost trip hop degree.  A hollow broken beat in the intro leads to the the track’s true brilliance which lies in the somber yet astonishingly beautiful piano work.  The down tempo piece is very reminiscent of his marvelous “Faxing Berlin” acoustic edit off of the earlier Random Album Title.  All signs seem to be pointing towards a return to those prog house days, and we all get to go along for the ride to witness what Joel does best: Twitter Rants.  Just kidding!  What he does best is produce music, and fans from circa 2008 are eternally grateful. Check out “Nyquist” below.

Ed.: Since “Nyquist”, Joel has put four more tracks on his Soundcloud today. Soundcloud Rampage indeed.  “Sparrows Made of Lead”, “Terrors in My Bed”, “Erorrs in My Bread”, and “Errors in My Head”.  “Sparrows Made of Lead” clocks in at slightly over eight minutes and is the most interesting of the four. With elements being added and subtracted throughout, it’s a fantastic progression that reaches a dark, beautiful apex with a piano riff at slightly after the three minute mark. Haunting. A mesmerizing experience. A glitched out, layered with urgency, bass line takes over for the rest of the track. “Errors In My Head” is also interesting, employing slowed down vocals found on “I Remember”. That’s right, you read that correctly. It’s a mesmerizing track, gorgeous,  and on point in its execution. We Remember. We have provided the additional Soundcloud links below. Joel continues to lead us down a path through his musical mind, and we are loving every minute of it.