Cash Cash is a DJ/Production trio based out of New Jersey. The trio has been gaining recognition lately with their tracks “Overtime” and “Take Me Home”. Cash Cash’s “Take Me Home” was even featured on a VMA’s 2013 commercial. DotEXE & Candyland decided to take an opportunity to remix “Overtime”. DotEXE, aka Scott Stanley, hails from Chicago and has dropped so many incredible remixes and several originals. DotEXE teamed up with the talented California duo Ethan Davis and Josie Martin, aka Candyland, to transform “Overtime” into a hard-hitting track. The remixed track is sped up and has some awesome synth lines. The percussion is insanely catchy and the buildups will have you off your seat waiting for the drops full of drum and bass. The remix definitely has a different sound from the original. Give the track a listen yourself below and let us know what you think!

Cash Cash – Overtime (DotEXE & Candyland Remix)