Steve Angello’s Size Records leads the way in producing hard hitting tracks by talented new artists. The Swedish duo Wayne & Woods are the latest addition to the Size team. Their epic hit ‘Pyramid’ was released in December. The boys are at it again and they have teamed up with Miami’s Henrix for another mega track. Henrix is one of the skilled producers behind the massive track ‘Hit It‘ released via Size Records months ago. Wayne & Woods’ collaborative efforts with Henrix have brought us a jungle inspired track ‘Jumangee‘.

Jumangee starts out with a rolling drum beats with some ominous pitch bending in the distance. The drum roll cuts out and the melody comes plunking in. The melody is joined by some distinct African chanting and the well crafted synth line drives the urgency. Clearly we have either traipsed too far into the jungle or rolled the dice and landed on a group of headhunters in the game Jumanji. The drop is a driving drum line that speeds up the chase back to the melody and chanting. This track is full of interesting auditory twists and turns that serve as a reminder of the harrowing board game and a suspenseful trek through the jungle. I’d say the boys have done a wonderful job and definitely carry the Size Records name. We can definitely expect to see more electro house bangers from these guys.

Wayne & Woods and Henrix – Jumangee | Beatport