Showtek Feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson – Booyah

Oh Showtek, how you can do no wrong. Like any artist who’s been around for some time, Showtek has a split in their fan base. There are those who know and love them for their several recent big room, progressive house hits like ‘Cannonball’ or ‘Hey’. Though these are a few of the tracks that put them on the map in the more ‘mainstream’ scene of EDM, there was a time where the dutch duo produced hardstyle, so of course with an evolution of sound, there are tons of fans who like them for their older releases.

Well this track is essentially a huge middle finger to genre laws as it contains elements from so many. Booyah starts out with reggae style vocals over a simple progressive beat, then goes into a half-time feel. The drop sounds like a moomba track, and the second half of the song has elements of dubstep and even drum and bass. This song has ‘Party’ written all over it, and in every language. BOOYAH!!!