Release: Kaskade – Atmosphere (AMTRAC Remix)

Kaskade’s latest track, ‘Atmosphere‘, stands alone as one of the summer’s hottest and most talked about tracks. Kaskade songs are something of a different kind, as they hold so much depth and creativity that you probably don’t want to break them apart or mess with them.  Remixing Kaskade is not an easy task for fear of ruining an already amazing track when your job is to make it better and/or different. Those on official ‘Atmosphere’ remix duty are AMTRACGTA, Hook N’ Sling and Chocolate Puma. This is quite the remix line up and each artist has something different to offer. So far GTA’s remix has been released and we have only heard teasers of the remixes by Hook N’ Sling and Chocolate Puma.

Kentucky DJ/Producer AMTRAC took on the task of remixing ‘Atmosphere‘ and succeeded. This rendition strips away the tracks big room builds and melodic drops and replaces them with well timed deep house breaks and pseudo drops. Kaskade’s beautiful vocals are supported by a cosmic melody that overlays polished percussive drum loops. AMTRAC has managed to create a remix of ‘Atmosphere‘ that is reminiscent and worthy of Kaskade’s Redux sets. This deep/tech house rendition of ‘Atmosphere’ is just as euphoric as the original, so sit back, relax and enjoy.