Elliot Berger Feat. Laura Brehm – Diamond Sky (Skrux Remix)

To use a blanket term, the population of the “Dubstep Field” of next-gen producers is growing by the day. However, all dubstep production styles are not created equal. 18 year-old Kaylan Brown of Arlington, TX has one of my favorite approaches to the genre that I have recently come across. I’ll admit: I am a melody fan – and Skrux toes the line beautifully between sweet, layered harmonic melodies balanced against dubstep’s almost chaotic bass pattern and prominent drops.

“Diamond Sky” features the haunting and breathy vocals of Denver native Laura Brehm. A personal criticism of some vocal ___step tracks is that producers tend to overpower the vocalist with their hard-hitting percussive layers. Skrux also walks this line masterfully, while even at times managing to spotlight Laura’s incredible vocal stylings. As one SoundCloud comment already stated, “this is more than dubstep.”

Elliot Berger feat. Laura Brehm – Diamond Sky (Skrux Remix) | Download