Deadmau5 Production Watch: Nowhere Fast 02 & Turbo CartPig Racer

Joel continues to update his Soundcloud page at a frenetic pace, having updated it with yet another couple of tracks in the last few hours.  “Nowhere Fast 02”  and “Turbo CartPig Racer” are very similar (read: basically the same) in their melody and progression, and both bleed the Deadmau5 signature style.  The melody is a mesmerizing, groovy experience that appears to be influenced from all over the place, from disco, to old school video game music.  The title and track art make it obvious that “Turbo CartPig Racer” is an ode to the video game, Minecraft, in which players can, among other things, conduct their own cart and/or pig races.  The booming kicks and snares, plus a mesmerizing cymbal pattern, combine with the melody and Deadmau5’s always brilliant chord progression, to create a beautiful and urgently-paced piece of music. Take a listen: