Deadmau5 Previews 2 Tracks off of Upcoming Album: Suite 02 & Suite 04B

Deadmau5’s Sound Cloud account has been full of activity this year with previews galore. Many of these previews showcase the sounds and melodic atmospheres that brought the Mau5 to the forefront of our music scene to begin with. In the last two days alone we’ve been treated with two new previews, and lengthy ones at that. These most recent previews are titled “Suite 02” and “Suite 04b”. About a month ago a preview of a track titled “Suite 03” was released. With all these similarly named previews maybe his next album will be titled Hotel Mau5. 

Check out these new previews below, which shed light on why this producer is where he is today, and be sure to check out some of the other recent previews on his Sound Cloud page.