Borgore reworks Egyptian love song ‘Wayak’ ft. Dudu Tassa

Borgore made a huge statement with this tweet. The usually extremely outspoken and proactive Israeli DJ rarely speaks about political issues, but released this tweet before uploading a new song to his SoundCloud, a cover of an old Egyptian love song. It is a beautiful rendition; opening up with the traditional song followed by an elegant and sublte drop, wibbling and wobbling through the rest of the song while keeping much of the original intact. With this Borgore has taken a huge step from a ‘Nympho’ to a global ambassador, showing that there is a difference between countries and people. I believe that it is imperative for DJs, and music figures in general to embrace their impact and use it to ease tensions between a countries people and embrace and broaden cultural impact and diversity. As we have seen from Live Aid, music knows no bounds, no language, and the scope of Ultra Music Festival is just another testament to it. I believe that this is an extraordinarily special track and a bold, mature move by Borgore. Kudos to him for not only embracing his Jewish heritage, but understanding that politics and people are two vastly different things.