This Is What It Feels Like (Acoustic)  – Trevor Guthrie & Armin Van Buuren

A video of “This Is What It Feels Like” was put up on Armada Music’s Youtube page the other day, and it’s quite unique.  It’s not Armin, but rather Trevor Guthrie performing an acoustic version of the song in what looks to be his house.  It’s a pretty neat video, and a really cool take on Armin’s and Trevor’s massive single.  No longer present are the complex synths and buildups found in the original; they have been replaced with a guitar, piano, and some drums, and that’s about it.  Well, that and Trevor running around his house in an attempt to find a xylophone and play some notes on it. The video is well done and entertaining, and the performance is amazing, especially if you are a fan of the original.  It is always refreshing to see a version of a trounce song like this.  It reminds us all about the connection between all genres of music, and how even collaborations between Trance Gods (Armin) and former boy band lead singers (Trevor Guthrie used to be the lead singer of a pop group named soulDecision, crazy right?)  can lead to some amazing music.  Check out the video below.