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Las Vegas, Las Vegas.. what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Not so much.. with Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2013 rounding the corner, party-goers from all over the world are putting the finishing touches in their packing and preparation for EDC VEGAS! Known as the premier festival in all of North America, this year will add another year of epicness on to the unmatched legacy of Insomniac Events EDC’s.

What else is going on about Vegas you ask? Other than several hundred thousand people dancing under the moon and star-filled sky, we have a special release this month. In Search of Sunrise comes to edition 11.. after Tiesto himself mixed the first versions of ISOS, the last several have been mixed by Richard Durand. Known for one of the BEST trance/house compilations out there, we expect In Search of Sunrise 11 to be no different, featuring top-notch missing by the likes of Richard Durand and Myon & Shane 54.

Featuring some of the best releases in the last few months, In Search of Sunrise is blessed with tunes like Tom8 vs Luke Ryan’s ‘Sunstar‘, Above & Beyond’s ‘Alchemy’, and KhoMha’s remix of Cosmic Gate’s ‘Storm Chaser’. Several tunes that Armin van Buuren included in his episodes of A State of Trance also made their way to ISOS11, including Falcon’s ‘Hayabusa’, Myon & Shane 54 & Aruna’sLights’, and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Magenta’.

“With electronic music in States having changed so momentously over the last couple of years, there really was only one choice when it came to the country for 2013’s ‘Search’. I’ve selected Las Vegas to be the focus point, as it’s a place I’ve seen the sun come up many times over. This album though is as much about the bigger East-to-West coast picture. It’s a celebration of everything that’s great musically about L.V. and the USA at large.” –Richard Durand

“We had quite big shoes to fill but making this mix was a true labour of love. Musically there was one goal we had in mind: continuing the classic series in terms of style, mood and depth, regardless of what musical trends or genres might dictate to a regular mix CD.”  Myon & Shane 54

Be sure to pre-order your copy of ‘In Search of Sunrise 11’ from Black Hole Recordings HERE!