Release: Borgore – Legend EP

Well whether you think he ruined Dubstep or not, anyone who’s involved in the scene knows about the humorous dubstep producer Borgore, and that he’s one who attempts to please his audience with bass rattling bangers. His most recent EP, “Legend” is no exception to that behavior. If you’ve been listening to any sets he’s done for festivals over the past few months you most likely have heard three out of the four tracks on the EP. “Legend”, “That Lean”, and “Sonata in F Major” are all tracks Borgore has been dropping since Ultra this year and all hit with a real grimey bang that Borgore’s become known for over the past few years. The one track that may feel new to those who give the EP a listen is the song titled “Kill Them All”, featuring vocals done by Adi Ulmansky and is the only elctro house track on the EP (the rest of it being dubstep). Still having that distinct Borgore sound I personally think “Kill Them All” is a nice little change up for Borgore considering the vast majority of his releases have been dubstep. All in all, the EP isn’t anything vastly experimental and is still just Borgore being Borgore; so if you’ve always enjoyed that, “Legend” should be right for you! Give a listen to all the tracks below!

Borgore – Legend EP | Beatport