Release: Audien – Ciao (Original Mix)

Audien – Ciao (Original Mix)
Genre: Progressive House | Label: Trice Recordings | Release Date: June 3rd, 2013
Download on Beatport
Audien decided to blow everyones minds again. Proving that progressive house is still very much alive, his new track Ciao was finally released on Beatport today. This track is bound to join ‘Wayfarer’ and ‘Leaving You’ amongst the 18 year olds rapidly expanding catalog of hits. Though a bit heavier than what we’re used to hearing from him, it still features an epic melody you’ll have stuck in your head for days. The first drop has an awesome jump feel and leaves you wanting more, and the second gives you just that. After you’re done picking your face up off the floor be sure to head to Beatport to pick up a copy.