[Release] 2 New DeadMau5 Tracks; “You There?” & “SuckFest 9001”

This has been one hell of a week for Joel Zimmerman aka DeadMau5. First he managed to make headlines by displaying his crazy new Mau5bots to add some zing to his residency show at Hakkasan, Las Vegas, next Steven Tyler of Aerosmith mentioned in an interview with Rolling Stones that he’s fascinated by the Mau5 and his ideas and spoke about the possibilities of a collaboration with Deadmau5 for his upcoming solo album, and then Mau5 displayed his excitement on Twitter about the end of his contract with Ultra and  then news about his break-up (and his statement in defense) with his fiance Kat Von D made headlines. And finally just some minutes ago he released not one but TWO of his new productions.

The first is titled ‘You there?’ and the other is titled aptly to describe how Joel must be feeling right now (probably) is ‘Suckfest 9001’.

Both tracks are exciting to say the least and you can check them out below:

Let us know in the comments section about these latest Deadmau5 productions and news. And no Joel, in case you were still wondering, Kat Von D is not there anymore.