Release: Krewella – Live for the Night

Krewella-Live For The Night
Krewella – Live for the Night
Genre: Progressive House / Label: Columbia Records /Released Date: July 2nd
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Hailing from Chicago, the trio of Krewella have released their anticipated single, “Live for the Night”! Although a handful of Krewella collaborations have been heard recently at various summer festivals, (think “Legacy” and “Lights and Thunder”), “Live for the Night” is the first official Krewella release since the Play Harder Remix EP. Krewella, consisting of Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf, and Kris Trindl, aka “Rain Man”, have recently been in the spotlight; especially with their takeover of radio airwaves with their hit tune “Alive”.

“Live for the Night” opens with clear chords, light percussion and sure to be anthem lyrics, “I live for the night/I live for the lights/ I live for the high till I’m free falling”. Accompanying Jahan and Yasmine’s flawless vocals are addicting synths and build ups to perfect drops that will have everyone going crazy. A funky bass line makes an appearance throughout the track along with hypnotizing piano chords. The lyrics are perfect to get the audience to sing along at the top of their lungs, and the main synth riff is no doubt going to get stuck in your head after your first listen to the song.

Whether you are part of the Krew or not, if this song doesn’t make you wet, then I don’t know what will. Pick up the single on iTunes and let us know if you are digging the new Krewella track!