Update on Paris Hilton’s New Album

Please don’t kill the messenger. Apparently Paris Hilton is almost done with her new album. You know the one that’s going to be released soon on Cash Money Records; the one album that you’re dying to hear. You’ve probably already pre-ordered it on iTunes. Well good news for all of you waiting with bated breathe! It’s just been reported to the Daily Beast that Paris Hilton’s electronic album is nearly finished, there’s just some paperwork to take care of and then an announcement will be made imminently. Feel free to share your sheer joy at this newsworthy information in the comments section below. And if you’re not excited – well, we don’t really blame you.

“I’m in the studio and almost finished with the album, and yeah, they’re just finishing up all the paperwork and there will be an announcement soon. But I’m so excited. I think they’ve created an amazing brand. Lil Wayne and some other surprise guests will be on the album, and it’s going to be so sick. It’s an electropop album with some dance-y songs.”

Source: Huffington Post