When Markus Schulz and Andy Moor combined their trance superpowers, they created an instant classic back  in 2008 called “Daydream”.  This beast of a track was released in July of 2008 as a single off of the Unicorn Slayer’s album, Progression. “Daydream” has received a fresh remix treatment from fellow Coldharbour alums, Elevation and Grove & Hovesepian, and the end result is just as powerful as the original.   The remix collaboration by the American producers made its official debut today during a special episode of Global DJ Broadcast which was a recording of Markus’s set in Moscow for his 2012 world tour.  Elevation, Grove, and Hovesepian have maintained the beauty of the classic, but updated it with more whimsical flare and big room sound.  Take a listen and tell us what you think.  Does the remix live up to the original?  If you enjoyed it as much as I did, keep an eye out for the official release on Coldharbour Recordings and Armada which will be soon!