Alexandre Bergheau – The 600th Expedition
Genre: Trance | Label: Blue Soho Recordings | Release Date: TBA

Hailing overseas from Montrond Les Bains of France, Alexandre Bergheau is a rapidly surfacing name in the sea of many Trance producers. Learning musical influences at an early age including music theory, piano and cello, Bergheau decided to dive into producing music in 2008. Playing in numerous local French clubs between 2008 and 2009, he received huge feedback on his dynamic sets.

Influenced by trancey, chill-out sounds of Trance, Alexandre decided to create under a massive project under his alias “Alexandre Bergheau” which includes a smooth blend of all of these beautiful sounds. Just this past summer in 2012, he signed his first single known as the massive tune “Colors of Persia” with Blue Soho Recordings, which soon rose to fame when Dutch powerhouse Armin van Buuren featured it in his ‘A State of Trance’ broadcast, receiving plenty of positive feedback from the fans. Soon after, Alexandre Bergheau’s name was on ‘A State of Trance’ once again as his girlfriend sent Armin van Buuren the massive tune called ‘Adduria’.

Today Alexandre Bergheau released a teaser on his official Soundcloud page of a huge song he has been recently working on entitled “The 600th Expedition”.  A melodic and massive track, I’m truly left desperately wanting more as the track fades out when you start to anticipate the explosive sound of Bergheau. Read more about the inspiration behind “The 600th Expedition” and Alexandre Bergheau in an exclusive interview he did with EDMtunes below.

Exclusive Interview conducted between EDMTunes & Alexandre Bergheau

Edwin: Good afternoon Alexandre Bergheau! I want to thank you very much for spending the time to answer some questions for EDMtunes. Your recent rise to fame has brought many loyal fans to the distinctive sound of Alexandre Bergheau. For you, how are you inspired to create the sounds of Trance?

Alexandre Bergheau: First off, thank you for these kind words and for this interview. So, I really love the trance sound and I try to create great atmosphere with this sound. I have a lot of inspiration sources beginning with my girl friend (Colors of Persia) because she has some Persian origin. Btw, I ‘m a big dreamer, so it’s normal that I produce trance music. ^^

Edwin: I agree! Atmosphere, emotion and feelings are a huge part of Trance. What has been the greatest feeling you have experienced so far during your time in the Electronic Dance Music scene?

Alexandre Bergheau: I don’t have a best moment in EDM scene at the moment, as I haven’t played yet at an official event or gig. But I can say that my best moment was when I heard my tune ‘Colors of Persia’ on ASOT for first time.

Edwin: With that being said.. From the current role of only producing music, Do you have any plans to play at events or gigs in the future?

Alexandre Bergheau: Yes I have, but I can’t say anything at the moment ^^

Edwin: There are so many magical, melodic, and massive Trance tunes everywhere, name one of your ultimate favorite songs?

Alexandre Bergheau: For me, the best “eargasm” that I have received was when I have listened Gaia – Tuvan for the first time. I was definitely on another planet. I was completely impressed by the harmonies within the track.

Edwin: Today you have graced your fans with another “eargasm”, a teaser of an upcoming track to be released on Blue Soho Recordings called ‘The 600th Expedition’. What was your inspiration for this MASSIVE track?

Alexandre Bergheau: I have called my new track “The 600th Expedition” to honor the famous ASOT600 event. Actually I haven’t tried to create an ASOT600 anthem, but I wanted to try to produce a very progressive theme, which represents an “expedition” theme. After the break I have tried to do an emotional atmosphere related to a “big travel”. Although I believe the atmosphere is emotional, I think that the main melody is a banger! ^^

Edwin: Any word on collaborations with other artists that your fans all over the world should keep an eye out for?

Alexandre Bergheau: Yes for sure. For he beginning of the New Year, it will come time to introduce you 3 new collaborations (Btw, I have already present one of them). One with an Asiatic DJ Krazy Sandi, one other with Tonny Nesse, and one with Ahmed Romel. I hope that the beginning of the New Year will be well!!

Edwin: We are certain that 2013 will a great year for Trance and for you! On behalf of EDMtunes and myself, I would like to thank you so much for your time. Are there any parting words you’d like to say to your fans and supporters?

Alexandre Bergheau: Thanks a lot for this interview. And I would to say a massive THANK YOU for all my fans for their support. An artist is nothing without you. Thank you again, and I hope that you will like all my new projects incoming. I wish you all the best. Thank you !!

Have a wonderful & Merry Christmas #trancefamily from Alexandre Bergheau, the EDMtunes Family, and from myself.