Release: Flosstradamus – X☮ (Free EP)

 Attention EDM fans everywhere: Flosstradamus has dropped the first of three of their upcoming EPs, X☮! Comprised of three Trap-tastic tracks, X☮ gives fans a little something to kick-start their weekend. The first track, “Dark Knight,” is bound to be a favorite as it opens by taunting fans to “listen, if you dare…” And listening does not disappoint; this dark, energetic melody makes you want to jump up and go crazy. The second track, “Twark,” flows right along in true Trap style making fans really want to throw their bodies into it. Closing the EP out with “Deaf,” fans are treated to a hard and heavy number that simply makes you want to dance your effing face off.

As expected, this power-house duo does not disappoint as they continue to make Trap more and more prevalent in the EDM scene. Keep a look-out for their second EP release, which they will be announcing via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Flosstradamus has made the X☮ EP available free for download.

Flosstradamus – DEAF | Direct Download |

Flosstradamus – DRAK KNIGHT | Direct Download |

Flosstradamus – TWARK | Direct Download |

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Written by Taryn Swadba