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In the last year trance has seen a huge surge in popularity in the US dance scene, spearheaded mainly by Insomniac's Dreamstate. The success of that festival property demonstrated the viability of hard trance in America so now[...]

Dirty Disco is a massive event unlike any other. What began seven years ago as a humble rave in the middle of the Sonoran Desert has been quickly becoming a mainstream destination for fans of dance music's harder hitting genres. This year's Dirty Disco[...]

Rising Star - Again (Armin van Buuren Remix) Armin van Buuren, legendary Dutch Trance DJ and label head of Armada Music, brings you a remix of one of his Rising Star releases - "Again". "Again" is a great[...]

Dhillon - The Heist EP It seems to be that the talented Swedish DJ and producer, Jeremy Olander's dark side can't stop, and won't stop. Taking on his alias, Dhillon, once again he releases another sensual techno production. Following[...]

Super8 & Tab - Mega We've been blessed with great news, Super8 & Tab are set to release their latest hit title "Mega" this Friday May 6th on Armin van Buuren's storied ARMIND label. For months fans speculated that this track was[...]

Aly & Fila - Million Voices Cairo-based DJ duo Aly & Fila make a name for themselves being Egypt's largest electronic act while simultaneously being one of the hottest pairs of DJ's in the world. Taking trance music[...]

As if EDC isnt HOT enough, Insomniac just added more fuel to the fire that is EDC week. With their all-trance brand of Dreamstate getting started this year, there was no way they couldn't bring it to the festivities in[...]

Gareth Emery feat. Gavrielle - Far From Home (Craig Connelly Remix) If you consider electronic music to run to the very core of your being, the name Gareth Emery strikes a bell. The UK DJ/producer recently made his triumphant return with his[...]

Genix - XO UK-based DJ & Producer, Genix, made a name for himself back in 2005 when he achieved the Guinness World Record for the longest DJ set in history with his set totaling up to 84 hours - while in[...]

Gareth Emery - Reckless (Gareth Emery & Luke Bond Remix) Gareth Emery and Luke Bond bring us another trance track we wont be forgetting anytime soon. If you've heard the Luke Bond remix of Gareth Emery's "Soldier" then you probably have[...]

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Having just traveled to Berlin last week, standing in front of the graffitied doors of the infamous "world capital of techno" itself Berghain, I've heard the...