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It would be an understatement to say that the DJ Mag Top 100 has turned into a bit of a popularity contest. Both fans and artists alike have continuously voiced their frustrations with the poll, which is why we[...]

Porter Robinson is single-handedly known for incorporating vast amounts of anime and Japanese culture in his artworks. Through his sophomore album Worlds, the electronic music industry saw unprecedented levels of Japanese animation in any live production. His most recent project is[...]

Porter Robinson has one of the most distinctive aesthetics in all of dance music. Borrowing heavily from the anime culture of Japan, Porter's music often places himself and the audience in these animated worlds of wonder. This began[...]

Porter Robinson and Madeon are no strangers to overwhelming praise for their audience appeal. The two talents have joined forces on stage and are currently in the middle of their massive North American 'Shelter' tour. With more than half of[...]

Goldroom - Lying To You (Robotaki Remix) Roughly two months ago, Goldroom released his ambient single "Lying To You". Featuring strong vocals and a melody perfect for late night cruising, the song exemplifies the unique sound of Josh Legg.[...]

Porter Robinson - Unison (Crankdat Re-Crank) Wanna talk bangers? Well here we go! If you've been around some events lately and was wondering what that remix was that made you say "Holy shit what song is that?" I[...]

Porter Robinson and Madeon fans alike have been dying for this day to come, and it finally has. The Shelter Live Tour kicked off on September 29th at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. A unique show where the two friends[...]

In response to the often scrutinized DJ Mag Top 100 poll, the Reddit community has held its own version of the yearly competition. By the end of the voting period, over 450 artists received votes from the r/EDM members and now,[...]

Tickets to EDC Orlando If there is one thing we know about Insomniac, it is that Pasquale Rotella and his team never fail to deliver some of the most unforgettable memories and experiences ever for headliners all around[...]

Language - Porter Robinson (Kayzo & Gammer Remix) It goes without saying that Porter Robinson's, "Language" is one of the most notable, and nostalgic tracks of its time. It represents Porter's innovation, and embodies the type of well-crafted, pristine[...]

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Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall. Found in the same room, they are The Chainsmokers. When these two American DJs released "Roses" last year, they...

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