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Ever since releasing Worlds in 2014, Porter Robinson has been solidified as one of the industry's premier tastemakers, creating musical experiences in ways that listeners don't even realize they're looking for. In creating and organizing a major album release, many electronic[...]

Tickets Lollapalooza Chicago has made a name for itself over the years as not only a phenomenal music festival experience, but a great place to attend with the whole family. Today, they announced the lineup for their 2017[...]

Porter Robinson, known for his unique synth pop sound and his fascinating obsession with anime, has provoked controversy on twitter yet again with an interesting tweet that was deleted shortly after it was posted. This is not the[...]

Porter Robinson's Worlds Live Show has become one of the most iconic shows in dance music. The music and the unique visuals have been captivating audiences around the world, and as Porter Robinson prepares to retire the show[...]

Porter Robinson's brother, Mark, has officially finished chemotherapy after a long battle of treatments. Mark was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma on November 22nd after being hospitalized a few days earlier. Ever since then, he has been going through hell[...]

If Mysteryland isn't on your festival radar for 2017, it should be. Taking place on the legendary Woodstock grounds, today they've released a massive lineup, along with an announcement video, that will blow you away. The headliners for this year's event[...]

Porter Robinson is one of four brothers in his family, and we are delighted to share the news that one of his brothers, Mark Robinson, is almost finished with his fight against cancer. The young man has been battling[...]

Porter Robinson and Madeon are arguably two of dance music's most innovative artists. In their adolescent days, they met each other through online forums for aspiring musicians and years later, they have blossomed their friendship into an incredible bond[...]

Porter Robinson might just be the George R.R. Martin of dance music. He's a huge perfectionist, and has no problem prolonging his creative periods to hone his final product into what he wants. He also struggles with periods[...]

After a successful fall tour, Porter Robinson & Madeon are releasing the Shelter Mini Album. The artists released the collaborative track of the same name in August before the tour. It's clear that a great deal of work has[...]

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Ultra Music Festival 2017 is officially in the books, but that doesn't mean you can't relive some of your favorite sets. People...

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