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Porter Robinson x Madeon - Shelter (Mat Zo Remix) A few months ago, Porter Robinson and Madeon unveiled their huge new collaboration, "Shelter" which they named for their tour together. "Shelter" has become a massive hit since it[...]

Porter Robinson and Madeon's collaboration entitled "Shelter" has been confirmed as only a temporary arrangement by the DJs after only just announcing the single and tour in August. Madeon says that the project is special because they will[...]

Porter Robinson - Language (JAUZ Remix) Los Angeles-based producer and DJ JAUZ has released his latest snack for his shark squad, a drum and bass remix of Porter Robinson's track "Language". Although known primarily for his heavy bass lines and well-timed wubs,[...]

Kayzo & Gammer - Frequency Kayzo and Gammer have teamed up again to create an epic song that opens very melodically and explodes into madness and chaos. "Frequency" is nothing short of spectacular and will have you bouncing off[...]

  Porter Robinson has been one of the leading faces of electronic music ever since his debut Spitfire EP, which was released on Skrillex's label OWSLA. Porter has since departed from his original complextro and dubstep roots with the release of Worlds[...]

Electronic music and video games have always been one of the entertainment industry's strongest power couples. Forza, a popular racing game series, has included many notable artists on their games such as Nero, Skrillex, Justice and more. Now, World[...]

Porter Robinson and Madeon's newest hit "Shelter" is nothing short of sheer beauty and stunning art. When 'Shelter the Animation' was released, the song gained even further ground by setting the song to a story. The animation takes viewers[...]

Porter Robinson has one of the most eclectic music abilities and range of genre-defying tracks in today's music world. His newest album Worlds, which took fans and the music industry by storm, was one of the biggest shifts in[...]

It would be an understatement to say that the DJ Mag Top 100 has turned into a bit of a popularity contest. Both fans and artists alike have continuously voiced their frustrations with the poll, which is why we[...]

Porter Robinson is single-handedly known for incorporating vast amounts of anime and Japanese culture in his artworks. Through his sophomore album Worlds, the electronic music industry saw unprecedented levels of Japanese animation in any live production. His most recent project is[...]

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12th Planet, Virtual Riot, & Twine - Gully Squad If space travel was easy to achieve and you could choose any planet to...

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