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When you think of twitter beef, the person that immediately comes to mind of obviously none other than the king of the twitter wars, deadmau5. But Rob Swire is also up there in the ranks of highly opinionated[...]

After releasing the final phase of their impressive lineup last week, the countdown to Das Energi Music Festival now begins. Das Energi returns to The Great Saltair in Salt Lake City this August 18th & 19th for another[...]

USC Events knows how to throw a show, there is no denying that. Anything from Paradiso to Resolution to FreakNight and more are all staples in any raver's yearly budget. Just around the corner marks Washington's favorite Saint[...]

January 26th marks a special day for all Australians, including the Perth natives, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. Knife Party released an hour-long journey with their Australia Day mix. For our American friends, Australia Day is equivalent to the Fourth of July,[...]

Pendulum's return has been long awaited and filled with news from all over the spectrum the past few years ever since their break up six years ago. From Rob Swire saying he isn't into producing drum and bass[...]

Exactly a year ago today, December 17th 2015, Rob Swire hinted at a possible Pendulum reunion. We all know very well what that reunion ended up being, as the band returned triumphantly to close out the main stage at Ultra[...]

The EDM community is mourning the loss of visual artist (VJ) Jonathan Bernbaum, who was among the 36 lives that were taken by the recent Oakland fire last week. He was on the list of missing victims until a more thorough[...]

Knife Party - Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix) Looking to relax this holiday season? Or maybe kick back after a big meal and snoozing in your parent’s recliner for a few hours? Then, DO NOT proceed further. However, if you’re[...]

If there are two names you didn't think could possibly have any relation to one another, it would probably be Knife Party and Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Love him or loathe him, the grassroots movement behind him is[...]

Knife Party & Tom Morello - Battle Sirens (Ephwurd Remix) It's been a month since the legendary duo, Knife Party, dropped their huge new collaboration with Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine, Battle Sirens. It was only a[...]

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Maarten Vorwerk, EDM's most notorious ghost producer, has released a book that every music producer should have. Known for supposedly creating hits...

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